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10 Pcs Court Targets With Number


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Easy to use training tool ensures your players are on spot every time! The Spot Kit includes 10 multi-purpose colored targets with textured non-slip fabric and rubber bottom. The Spot is ideal for target training and court/field position designation. Mats measure 9'' in diameter. Colors include red, purple, yellow, orange, and green. The items comes with mesh carry bag, very easy to hold it.
  • Easy to use training and agility tool ensures players and athletes are on spot every time
  • Includes 10 multi-purpose colored targets measuring 9” in diameter
  • Great for use in tennis, pickleball, volleyball training drills, basketball training drills, PE classes and more
  • Textured non-slip fabric and rubber bottom
  • Colors include red, purple, yellow, orange, and green
Having a target is making the shot easier. These 10 pcs slim colors TARGETS are great to set up different exercises.
You want the kids to practice their serve, but cones are too much in the way of the following on-going rally? Well, take the TARGETS. These 10 large size round-shapes plates are super visible and not in the way once the rally continues. They are also great for coordination and fitness exercises or whatever else you can think of.