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R For Rabbit

Orapple Count N Stack Stacking Toy


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Orapple Count N Stack Stacking Toy for Kids

Have you dreamed of a toy which can teach your child counting and stacking together? Orapple brings to you Count N Stack wooden toy for Montessori learning for kids. Count N Stack is an educational toy for kids to make them friendly with numbers and a good way to make them exercise on their motor skills and help them recognize colors. The numbers and rings are colorful and made of wood which makes this toy even more engaging and loveable. It’s a colorful toy with lot of learning and skill development in one single toy for kids.

Key Features

Safety1st: Orapple count and stack toy for kids is Safety Certified with EN71 and BIS 1493 under which colors on toy are examined and tested properly for its chemical composition and content.
Montessori Technique: Orapple Toys are made based on Montessori technique which is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play.
Number Learning: Wooden numbers and exact color rings will help the child to count and stack the rings which is a good mind exercise to learn simple arithmetic.
Color recognition: Colorful rings and number shapes are helpful to make the child recognize the colors. Counting adds an extra advantage for learning about colors.
Puzzle Solving: Counting the rings and placing the correct wooden number will be a good way to boost a child’s puzzle solving skills.
Hand Eye Coordination & Motor Skills: Placing the rings and numbers with hand movements is a good way to work upon motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
Cognitive Skills: Playing and arranging the alphabets is a good way to learn as they are made of wood and child can hold and place it which helps is enhancing the cognitive skills.

Technical Specifications

Age Group: 18 Months Above
Country Of Origin: PRC
Name & Address of Manufacturer: Manufactured for and Marketed By R for Rabbit
Net Quantity: 1