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2 Piece Girls Set with Beret


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suggested age


Transform your darling girl into a mini fashion icon! Our latest girls' ensemble is more than just an outfit; it's a passport to a world where every sidewalk is a runway, and every day is a page out of a fairy tale.

Picture this: she twirls under the sun in our chic ribbed top and playful shorts skirt, laughter in the air, and the world adoring her classic yet modern style. The long-sleeve white ribbed top hugs her in comfort, while the khaki skirt sways to her every move, making her feel like the princess of her own story.

But wait, the crowning glory? A matching beret that whispers of Parisian adventures and timeless elegance. Whether she's the star of her school play, the little charmer at a family brunch, or simply enjoying a magical play date, this set will ensure she stands out in the most enchanting way.

Ready to watch her make memories in the perfect outfit? It's more than fashion; it's her story, woven in style. 

Material: COTTON

Material: Polyester

Suggested Age
Suggested Age
Top Length Bust Shoulder Shorts Length
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
6-12M 80 12.99 33 19.69 50 8.27 21 8.66 22
1-2T 90 13.98 35.5 20.47 52 8.66 22 9.25 24
2-3T 100 14.96 38 21.26 54 9.06 23 9.84 25
3-4T 110 15.94 40.5 22.05 56 9.45 24 10.24 26
4-5T 120 16.93 43 22.83 58 9.84 25 11.02 28


*Please allow 1-3cm differences due to manual measurement.