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Élhée Bottle - 150ML

Nursing & Feeding

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Feeding bottle from Élhée supplied with flow teat (M). The anti-colic birth bottle designed for newborns. The semi-rigid texture of the soft medical silicone bottle and the anti-colic valve are integrated into the nipple and its small 150ml size prevent the baby from swallowing too much air, minimising the risk of colic, a well-known problem among infants. It's also adaptable, with a lid that allows it to be transported hermetically sealed or transformed into a small container for storing breast milk or compotes.

Suitable for all babies, it is also suitable for breast-fed babies when fitted with a Slow Flow (S) teat (to be found here) as well as exclusively bottle-fed infants.


- Capacity: 150ml / 05 Oz
- No migration of microplastic
- Compatible with breast-feeding
- High performance anti-colic system
- Flexible and unbreakable
- 100% Healthy medical silicone
- Feeding bottle supplied with flow teat (M)
- Made in France

Colour: NUDE


Unbreakable silicone:
Lightweight and unbreakable, the Élhée feeding bottle is made from semi-rigid silicone, making it easy to grasp by babies' little hands and encouraging their independence.

Physiological teat:
The Élhée teat is physiologically shaped, so it adapts ideally to the child's oral cavity and contributes to healthy development.

Anti-colic system:
The Élhée teat features an anti-colic valve that allows excess air to escape, reducing the risk of colic.

Medical silicone:
Medical grade, the Élhée feeding bottle contains no substances likely to harm your baby's health (0% bisphenol, phthalate...). It complies with the most demanding standards: EN 14350-1 / 124350-2 - FDA, US_CPSIA, California PROP 65 and SOR.

Evolving character:
The Élhée bottle can be transformed into a small airtight container thanks to the lid supplied with the bottle. Ideal for storing breast milk or purées/compotes. It can also be transformed into a water bottle by replacing the teat with the Élhée leak-proof suction spout.

Made in France:
Made in the Rhône-Alpes region of France with respect for people and the environment. The gourd is assembled in ESAT (work centre for disabled people).

Guide & Care

Elhée silicone baby bottles are compatible with all bottle warmers.
The 150 ml and 240 ml bottles can be heated with the following bottle warmers:
- Baby Milk Second by Béaba
- Maternity by Bébé Confort
- Nomad by Izybaby

They can also be safely placed in a container in a water bath or in the microwave.

The BibRond is completely removable for a perfect hygiene and a cleaning with the hand without brush. It is compatible with the use of the steriliser, freezer, dishwasher and water bath.

Beware of the risk of discolouration in the dishwasher. Contact with carrot juice, tomato juice or other coloured oils may change the colour.