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Élhée Set Of Teats - Large Flow

Nursing & Feeding

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Élhée teats Fast flow are (3-24 months) are especially recommended when using thickened formula infant milk (anti-regurgitation or anti-reflux milk) to facilitate the digestive comfort of babies. It is also appreciated by babies with a sweet tooth! The anti-colic valve on the nipple helps reduce the risk of regurgitation. Combined with the flexibility of the semi-rigid silicone bottle, it ensures an optimised air flow, so that the incoming air can be extracted by the baby's sucking mechanism during feeding, without effort or fatigue.


- Pack of 2
- Fast flow teats
- Anti-colic
- Compatible with breast-feeding
- It avoids the risk of breast/nipple confusion
- Reduces the risk of regurgitation
- Sensations similar to breastfeeding
- Adapts ideally to the shape of the baby's palate
- Contributes to good oral development
- 100% Healthy medical silicone
- Made in France


Leak-proof spout:
The suction spout is spill-proof. It's ideal for an easy transition from BibRond to cup, without spilling everywhere!

French production:
Made in the Rhône-Alpes region of France with respect for people and the environment. The gourd is assembled in ESAT (work center for disabled people).

Medical silicone:
Medical grade, contains no substances likely to harm your baby's health (0% bisphenol, phthalate...). It complies with the most stringent standards: EN 14350-1 / 124350-2 - FDA, US_CPSIA, California PROP 65 and SOR.


For reasons of hygiene and safety, it is advisable to replace the teat after 4 to 8 weeks, depending on how often it is used. Change it as soon as the first signs of deterioration appear.

Beware of the risk of discolouration in the dishwasher. Contact with carrot juice, tomato juice or other coloured oils may change the colour.