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The Ariana


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ReVased plants make you feel good. 

  • Eco-friendly plants: we send you beautiful, live plants directly from sustainable-minded greenhouses in the U.S.A.
  • Give back to the community: your purchase goes a long way. It helps us spread joy through flower donations!
  • Conveniently delivered: your plants will ship directly to your doorstep!
  • Easy care: keep in indirect sunlight; water every 1-2 weeks, or when soil is completely dry.

The Ariana - a Snake Plant, also known as the Mother-in-Law's Tongue - is a natural air purifier that will make a great addition to your home or office! Snake plants have strong, sturdy, sword shaped leaves, which are drought tolerant and retain water (read: don't water too often!). Pro tip: this plant can easily be propagated by leaf cuttings, so you can multiply your family of snake plants! Check out our blog for plant care tips! 

This plant comes in a 4" nursery pot.

Please note: as plants are a live product, colors and varieties may slightly vary from the photos shown to provide you with the freshest and most beautiful plant.