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Wine and Cheese With Shopping Bag


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Surprise someone with a unique gift bag filled with delicious goodies for a special occasion or important milestone. Celebrate a birthday, significant anniversay, work retirement or express your thanks to someone who deserves it. 

This gift comes equipped with:

RED CABERNET WINE: Made in California, this amazing bottle (750ml) of red cabernet wine is distinguished in its taste. Refined and made with incorporations of fruits and smoky oak, this wine is amazing to have a glass with a steak dinner or as a glass amongst friends.

BRIE CHEESE: This decadent brie cheese made by Castello is a wonderul tasting cheese that pairs well with crackers and meats on a spread.

TRUFFLES: Rich chocolate truffles that are extremely satisfying for all those who love chocolate. Made with a creamy chocolate filling and a layer of cocoa powder makes these sweet indlugences very enjoyable.

PRETZELS: Adding some savory to the gift, with this classic snack. Salted, twisted pretzels are a salty snack on their own or can be paired with dips.

WATER CRACKERS: Signature to have on any spread or charcuterie, these crispy and thin crackers can be enjoyed with cheeses, meats and dips.

MILK CHOCOLATE BAR: Classic 100g milk chocolate bar added in this gift bag.

CARAMEL POPCORN: Blending flavors of sweet and salty, this popcorn is coated in caramel for a light and airy taste of goodness.

SHORTBREAD COOKIES: Buttery shortbread cookies that are infused with chocolate chips that will leave you wanting more.

CHIPS: By Hardbite, made locally in Canada, these crunchy chips are full of flavor and made with non GMO ingredients.