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Sympathy Kosher Premium Red Wine


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This kosher gift basket includes: 

CABERNET BARON HERZOG 750ml - A bottle of luxurious Kosher Red Wine.

HARDBITE CHIPS x2 - Made locally in Canada with natural ingredients, these chips are flavorful and crispy.

CARAMEL POPCORN - Popcorn covered in caramel flavors for a light and airy snack to enjoy.

ITALIAN CRACKERS - Rosemary flavored crackers. Add them to a charcuterie or any spread. Can be eaten with cheeses or dips.

CRANBERRIES - Dried cranberries that are fruity and sweet, making them an enjoyable and chewy treat.

PEPPERMINT TEA - Packet of peppermint tea to make cups of this healthy tea to enjoy with its distinguished taste.

COOKIE IT UP COOKIES x2 - Made with chcolate chips, these thin cookies are crunchy and irresistible in flavor. These will be a favourite for sure.

DARK CHOCOLATE - Classic, dark chocolate bar made locally in Canada.

TRUFFLES x2 - In a layer of cocoa powder, these very rich milk chocolate truffles are smooth with a creamy chocolate centre.

SHORTBREAD x2 - Staple shortbread cookies with chocolate chips that area nice sweet treat.

EARL GREY TEA - A packet of Earl Grey Tea that can be made to enjoy its delicious taste and bask its aroma.

MADE GOOD BARS - Little rice krispie treats that are very delicious and a healthier treat option.

MILK CHOCOLATE - What would be a gift basket without a staple milk chocolate bar that is very rich and delicious.

CHOCOLATE ALMONDS x2 Enjoy and easy on the go snack of chocolate covered almonds that are very sweet and tasty.

PEAPOPS - Roasted chickpea pops mixed in sea salt and lime flavor that are a healthy alternative to chips when you need something to munch on.