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White Wine Kosher Basket


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This Kosher Gift Basket includes:

BARON HERZOG CHARDONNAY 750ML- A 750ml bottle of Kosher white wine. 

CHOCOLATE ALMONDS - Quick snack to enjoy with almonds coated in chocolate.

CRANBERRIES - By Patience, these dried cranberries are a healthy option while being delicious and fruity.

SHORTBREAD COOKIES - Switch it up from regular cookies with these chocolate chip, buttery shortbread cookies.

COOKIE IT UP COOKIES - Square shaped chocolate chip cookies that are airy and absolutely divine in taste.

TRUFFLES - Milk chocolate truffles in a layer of cocoa powder which will melt in your mouth.

CARAMEL POPCORN - Sweet caramel coating on popcorn giving it an even better and sweeter taste.

ITALIAN CRACKERS - Add these crackers to any spread amongst other finger foods to enjoy with guests.

MILK CHOCOLATE - A must have in the gift baskets, this sweet and smooth milk chocolate bar will be a hit.

POTATO CHIPS - Munch on some crispy potato chips that are crispy, flavorful and made with non GMO products.