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Rosewood Cornflower and Daisy Sticks 140g

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Rosewood say these are "The healthiest treat sticks available" and is very difficult to disagree! They are 100% grain-free and have no glue, honey, egg or gelatine holding them together. Instead, they are made from beneficial herbs, vegetables and seeds that are all supper healthy for your piggies. As an extra treat, this blend has been coated in edible cornflower and daisy flowers!

The sticks can be tied to the side your cage or a hook or eyelet hanging from above. This makes them lots of fun for your piggies, particularly if mounted so that the treat sticks can swing about a bit!

What we love about these treat sticks is that they don't come on a plastic hanger, instead they feature a natural cotton hanger which is so much better for the environment. It's also easier to hang in creative ways!