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Minetti Marble and Metal Sculpture


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Minetti Marble and Metal Harmony is a sophisticated decorative object that beautifully marries the elegance of marble with the radiance of metal. This design features two discs of pristine white marble, a disc of deep black marble, and a golden-toned metal disc, each adding its unique texture and colour to the composition.
The white marble discs, with their inherent subtle veins, exude a timeless elegance. The black marble disc adds a touch of dramatic contrast, creating a stunning visual impact. The golden metal disc introduces a hint of opulence, its warm hue enriching the overall design.
Each disc, with its distinct colour and texture, contributes to a harmonious whole. Assembled together, they create a balanced composition that serves as a chic focal point in any space.
Minetti Marble and Metal Harmony sculpture is not just a decorative object, but an artistic statement that celebrates the beauty of natural materials and the art of contrast.