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Boozy Irish Cream White Chocolate Bar

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Explore the exquisite flavour of our limited edition Boozy Irish Cream White Chocolate Bar!

This delectable creation is simply a one-way ticket to chocolate heaven, elevating your chocolate experience with its captivating combination of creamy, caramel-flavoured white chocolate and the warmth of blissfully boozy notes. Upon opening this inviting chocolate bar, you'll be greeted by the familiar aroma of Irish Cream, enticing your senses with the promise of indulgence. You'll then discover the harmonious blend of velvety chocolate with notes of Irish Cream in every sumptuous bite. For the ultimate, luxurious chocolate tasting experience, we recommend breaking off one square at a time and allowing it to slowly melt on your tongue, transporting you to a paradise of divine chocolate creaminess.

The perfect treat for a well-deserved moment of relaxation, or a delightful gift to share with someone *very* special!

Minimum Weight: 100g