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Rocco & Roxie

Rocco & Roxie® Calming Dog Chew, 90 Count

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Keep fireworks and road trips fun for everyone—including your nervous pup. Our Calming Health Supplement Soft Chews taste as good as they work at helping manage normal stress from separation, thunderstorms and other situations that may cause anxiousness. They’re made with dog-safe levels of GABA, ashwagandha and L-theanine, which work together to promote relaxation and help maintain calmness. We also add melatonin plus a touch of tryptophan and theanine—the drowsy amino acids in Thanksgiving turkey and nighttime herbal tea—to support the calming effects. These convenient calming treats are a delicious way to take a bite out of your dog’s stress and help keep everyone chilled out, comfy and able to enjoy the good times.

  • Unparalleled support Our delicious duck-flavored soft chews keep your dog cool, calm, and relaxed so they, too, can enjoy the good times. Every bite promotes a sense of relaxation and mental alertness to help maintain normal stress levels during times of separation, thunderstorms, traveling, and other external stressors they may be facing.

  • Better ingredients, better results Our formula includes Ashwagandha and GABA, which work synergistically to block stress signals in the brain to promote relaxation and maintain calmness. We’ve also included tryptophan, theanine, and the natural hormone, melatonin to enhance the calming effects and help your dog stay relaxed and alert.

  • Lovingly made in the USA with domestic and global ingredients Everything we do at Rocco & Roxie® is for the love of pets. That’s why our soft chews are made with no fillers, gums, or sweetenersjust pure high-quality ingredients your dog will love. Every chew is made without heat during our cold-form process to preserve the integrity of our ingredients, for quality health support you can trust.

  • Veterinarian recommended Our Calming health supplement is a vet-recommended, daily formula to keep your dog calm and relaxed during stressful situations.

  • Buy with confidence You want the best for your best friend. We do, too. If you are not satisfied with the performance of this product, contact us. We are determined to make it right!