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R For Rabbit

Silicone Feeding Bottle Spoon + First Feed Silicone Nibbler

Nursing & Feeding

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silicone feeding bottle spoon (color)

r for rabbit first feed silicone nibbler (color)

Silicone Feeding Bottle Spoon - Key Features

For Age: 4 Months +

Safety 1st: First Feed Silicone Feeder is made of Food Grade Silicone Material which is BPA Free. It's absolutely safe to feed your child.

Soft Spoon: Baby feeder comes with soft silicone feeder which makes it easy to intake the food/liquid and will not hurt the baby’s gums

Easy To Use: First Feed Feeder can be used by simply holding it with one hand and pressing the soft silicone container to bring food on the spoon and feed the baby.

Dust cover: It comes with a dust cover to keep the spoon hygienic.

For Mix Of Foods: This baby spoon feeder can be used to feed juices, cereal, mashed rice, veggies, all kinds of semi-solids and so on.

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First Feed Silicone Nibbler - Key Features

For Age: 4 Months +

Safety 1st: This nibbler for baby is made of Safe & Non-Toxic, BPA Free Silicone material which is absolutely safe for child

Inspire Self Feeding: Child will love to eat fruit/veggie on his own as the design of nibbler is small and cute and can be easily handled by child

Teether: Child can chew the mesh when it is filled with tasty fruit/veggie which will help it to ease out the irritation in gums and stimulate mouth muscles.

Cute Design: This nibbler will appear as a toy to a child, so it will be easily adapted and used.

Handle for Ease: Nibbler’s handle is smooth and easy to grip by the baby while enjoying the delicious foods.

Cover For hygiene: BPA free cover to keep the food/eatable in the nibbler safe from germs or getting spoiled. It will help the parent to take the nibbler in the bag/purse for the little one while going outdoors.

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