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Classic Caramel Gourmet Popcorn

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Rich caramel-coated popcorn sprinkled with Mediterranean sea salt - A decadent take on a true classic, this is a flavor that is sure to please. Our luxuriously delicious popcorn is coated with a sophisticated blend of our finest deep caramel and sprinkled with Mediterranean sea salt for the perfect finishing touch.

Once you taste our insanely delicious classic Caramel Corn, you'll never think of popcorn the same again. You will truly understand the meaning of gourmet popcorn. The layers of flavor, each distinct, blending into a decadent treat that can only come from Popinsanity.

Each of our unique ultra-premium flavors is handcrafted in small batches and made to order so that you always receive the freshest popcorn with the perfect crunch.

❤ Dairy-Free
❤ Non-GMO Corn.


❤ OU Kosher (Parve).
❤ Handcrafted Fresh Daily. 6 Ounce Clear Bag – Sealed for maximum freshness.

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Small Batch - Made in the USA

The inspiration for Popinsanity Popcorn came from combining three key “kernels”: an unused popcorn machine, a craving for sweets, and a desire to shake up the premium snack market with flavors that pop!

It started when “foodie” & chef Jacob Goldenthal was set to open his café. When issues with location halted the opening, he was forced to return all the unused equipment to their respective vendors, however, the popcorn machine vendor was firm on his no return policy which left him with a popcorn machine for months. He decided to set up “pop” at his daughter’s party. From there the demand grew, and Jacob soon realized the popcorn machine he planned to put up for sale wasn’t going anywhere.

He began testing the flavors and after months of trial & error the popcorn became an “in-the-know” secret among those in his circles—and ultimately caught the attention of Aaron Zutler, a fellow musician and sales & marketing executive. Aaron began building the infrastructure and presenting it to buyers and decision-makers, allowing Jacob to focus on product development.

Popinsanity products are non-dairy, non-GMO kernels, and kosher certified.