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Crown Baby Shower Cap Shampoo

Personal Care

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Baby Shower Cap

Crown Baby Shower Cap for Kids. It can keep children safe from water, cannot absorb water and even smaller kids will be protected against the elements. Our Baby Shower Hat is waterproof and protects against water entering the ear. It is perfect for children and parents! and Safe, Clear and Retain The Taste and Flavor!.

This Baby Shampoo Hat is specifically formulated to prevent water from entering an infant’s ears. Time intensive, expensive and unsafe for children. We want parents to be able to bathe their children in peace, without the stress and anxiety that usually accompanies baby showers. It is a must-have with the holidays approaching, your guests can use the product with confidence knowing they’re bathing their baby in the safest and most comforting environment possible.

  • An adjustable silicone safety buckle will not hurt your baby's hair.
  • Kids shampoo helps protect ears from water and shampoo suds when you wash your hair and keeps your face dry.
  • The shower cap for baby shampoo, sun protection and haircut, is convenient and useful for children's daily life. 
  • The crown design can attract baby's attention and they will love it.