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All-In-One Baby Carrier Hip-Seat

Baby Transport

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Baby Carrier Backpack with Hip-seat

Our Baby Carrier Hip-seat has excellent material. The All-In-One Baby Carrier uses 100% high-quality cotton, soft and close to the skin, protect the baby's delicate skin from damage, giving the baby the gentlest care.

The baby carrier is suitable for children and according to the different ages of children, there are also suitable methods for reference, just to protect the healthy development of the baby.

This Baby Backpack is the best baby carrier for less cost. Parents can safely use the all-in-one baby carrier for their baby. And they can free their hands to take other items, and also prevent the baby from accidents and protect the baby at all times.

The comfortable waist stool gives you the perfect match. The all-in-one baby carrier strives to give the baby the most intimate protection so that the mother is more secure. 


  • For use 0-36 months
  • 35-degree incline allowing the baby to naturally fit the parent's body
  • Arch stool support to prevent baby O-leg
  • Comfortable shoulder fit design
  • Shock Absorbing effect
  • Depending on the developmental stage, the baby can be carried in the front (facing parent or facing out)
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight and breathable