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Bubble Pup

Tulip Flower Night Light


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Amazing sea of flowers
Our tulip sea of flowers system products turn on the night light mode, appreciate the mysterious charm of the tulip sea of flowers in the dark, so that you seem to be in a sea of flowers full of dreams and romance, not only is a beautiful decoration, our tulip sea of flowers and other products is also a practical mirror, to meet your daily beauty and styling needs

Flower Sea Photo Frame
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea of flowers during the day, and enjoy a fashionable and practical mirror at the same time, the background can be put on your favorite photos so that your photos in a sea of flowers
A warm and romantic journey
Tulip sea night light let you experience a warm romantic journey, give your lover an eternal romance, hidden in the sea of flowers of eternal love
High Definition Mirror
The mirror of the Flower Sea Night Light is made of HD make-up mirror, which is a make-up mode when the night light is off and a romantic mode when the night light is turned on