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Duo Fazer Chocolate Bars Box

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All Stars brought together in double! Fazer's beloved chocolate bar novelties and classics, some of which go all the way back to the 1910s, are now sold together in one box! If you haven't tried all of them, now is your chance.

Is your favourite the rum-tasting Italy-inspired DaCapo? Or perhaps Finland's most loved mint truffle, Pätkis? The box also contains the super popular and trending Fazer Crunchy bars! Order Duo Fazer Chocolate Bars Box and find your favourite chocolate bar. Share with your friends or give as a gift to someone special.

Order the Fazer Chocolate Bars box home-delivered and try it out for yourself!

Duo Fazer Chocolate Bars Box contains the following chocolate countlines:

  • 2 x Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate 39 g,
  • 2 x Karl Fazer Dark Chocolate 39 g,
  • 2 x Geisha milk chocolate with soft hazelnut filling 37 g,
  • 2 x Kismet chocolate wafer 55 g,
  • 2 x Fazerina filled milk chocolate 37 g,
  • 2 x Susu Original snack bar 40 g,
  • 2 x Fazermint 41g filled dark chocolate,
  • 2 x Karl Fazer Crunchy 55 g,
  • 2 x Suffeli chocolate wafer 21 g,
  • 2 x Karl Fazer Rasberry Yoghurt in Milk Chocolate 37 g,
  • 2 x Pätkis Chocolate Bar 18 g,
  • 2 x Da Capo chocolate bar 20 g,
  • 2 x Jim filled chocolate bar 14 g,
  • 2 x Geisha Crunchy 50 g,
  • 2 x Pätkis Maxi Crunchy 55 g,
  • 2 x Karl Fazer Crunchy Black Edition 55g,
  • 2 x Dumle Crunchy Salted Caramel chocolate countline 55g.

Please note that the box shown in the pictures also acts as a shipping box.
Package dimensions are 245 mm x 240 mm x 91 mm. The size of the box may vary.
Weight approx. 1,55 kg.