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Bear Hugs Gifts

Encouraging Pen

Office Instruments

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Meet our soft feel pens in the dreamiest pastel shades—pastel pink, light blue, and dusky blue. These pens aren't just pretty faces—they come bearing encouraging messages engraved right on their barrels.

With every stroke, these black-ink pens will uplift your loved one's spirits and remind them of their greatness. From jotting down notes to doodling in a journal, these pens will be trusty sidekicks on your loved one's journey to greatness.

These pens are like little cheerleaders cheering your loved ones on as they conquer their goals and face the challenges that come their way. They're a gentle reminder that they've got this and that they're capable of amazing things.

Choose from a range of words of encouragement:

You're doing great

Be kind to yourself

One step at a time