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Bee Happy Wildflower Seedballs


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Gift some gardening fun with our super cute mini matchboxes filled with Bee-friendly wildflower seed balls. These little gems are perfect for those who want to bring a burst of vibrant colours and buzzing bees into their world.

No green thumb? No problem! Planting these seed balls is as easy as pie. Just scatter them on the soil in the garden, in a pot or in a window box during Spring or Autumn. Make sure to leave around 10cm between each seed ball, and then sit back, relax, and let nature work its magic!

Inside each pack is a mix of seeds that will transform any space into a little wildflower patch. Get ready to marvel at the beauty of:

🌼 Birdsfoot Trefoil

🌼 Foxglove

🌼 Red Clover

🌼 Viper’s Bugloss

🌼 Wild Marjoram

These seed balls are like little treasure troves, bursting with potential. They're a fantastic way to support your friend or loved one while also supporting our busy little bee friends.

Mini Matchbox Dimensions: 58mm x 37mm x 15mm