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Bec & Geri’s Lactation Choco Drink Mix


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A chocolatey drink mix formulated for Lactating Mothers to help them boost breast milk volume while nursing.
Our chocolate blend is carefully crafted not only to boost your milk supply but also to improve your immunity. The Lactation Choco mix is made with powerhouse ingredients like malunggay, non-acidic non-dairy creamer, and locally sourced cocoa, providing it with a delicious and refreshing taste. All these ingredients have been known to be beneficial for recovering and nursing moms. This drink can also be taken during pregnancy.

Key Ingredients: Moringa Extract Powder, Agaricus Mushroom, Spirulina Powder

Guided use:
Pour 1 sachet of Choco Drink Mix into a mug. Add hot water and stir.
To enjoy it cold, pour 2 sachets and dissolve in hot water. Add cold water and ice.

Recommended Intake: You may drink this drink mix 2-3 times a day

21g x 10sachets each