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San Francisco Farm brings us yet another exclusive microlot, an example of El Salvador's hyper-processed coffee. Andres Salaverria proposes this time the "Sleeping Bag" method, whereby the coffee cherries are retained in opaque materials during drying, a process that offers a special, extravagant level of fermentation, with a wide range of notes: from the fruity zone, highlighting exotic fruits such as persimmon or lychee, to the chocolate zone, accompanied by subtle notes of caramel and almond liqueur.

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  • Origin El Salvador
    Roasting degree Filter   
    Notes Persimmon, Almond liqueur, Macadamia, Lycheee
    Region  Apaneca - Ilamatepec 
    Farm San Francisco
    Altitude 1350 - 1450 m
    Varietal Bourbon
    Type of processing Anaerobic Natural "Sleeping Bag"
    Producer Andres Salaverria
    Harvest    2022
  •    We recommend that you buy fresh coffee beans and grind them on demand to prepare your beverage. Coffee is a product susceptible to rapid oxidation, this process is accelerated by grinding for the simple reason that grinding increases the surface that is exposed to oxygen.


      GEAR USED: 

      Dalla Corte Mina espresso machine

      Ratio 1/2

      18g  in

      36g  out

      25-28 sec

      Temp.  92-94 C

      Target EY 20-22 %

      All our recipes are tested on 54.5mm diameter 28mm height  and 58mm diameter 26mm height IMS competition filter baskets, on a Dalla Corte Mina espresso machine. The grinder we use are Compak PK100 and the water filtration system is RO with TDS 130-150 ppm, general hardness 108 ppm, alkaline hardness 64 ppm, 7.2-7.4 PH.  

      All these brew recipes must be taken just as a starting point. It is important to understand that tasting notes we suggest might vary when you extract at home/office or in your coffee shop, depending on your gear, skill and water specifications. 


      GEAR USED: 

      Espro Press P3 18 oz:

      Ratio 1/16.5

      300 ml water

      18 g in

      265 g out

      4 min brew time

      Temp 94-96 C

      Target EY 18-20%

      Grind size 700-900 microns

      When we brew French Press we aim for the balance between sweetness and body. The grind size is finer than regular french press recipes, one of the reason being the micro filters Espro Press uses ( which we highly recommend). If you have a really basic filter in your french press you should grind coarser and extend your brew time. 

      First step is pouring around 80 grams of water over the grinded coffee, in circular moves,  trying to wet all the coffee so it makes contact with the hot water and starts blooming. This should take around 15 seconds, wait for extra 25 seconds and pour the rest of the hot water, in a circular move, so you constantly wet all the coffee particles that tend to stay afloat. The aim is to extract as even as possible the coffee particles, keeping them immersed in the hot water. Finish the extraction at minute 4 and try to move the coffee in a coffee server as it can keep extracting in the press.