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Giften Market

Sea Salt & Orchid Soy Candle


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Dive into the ultimate sensory escape with our Sea Salt & Orchid candle, where bold citrus meets soft tropical elegance! 

Immerse yourself in the invigorating blend of blood orange, bergamot oil, and a hint of cedar, creating a citrus masterpiece that's anything but ordinary. But that's not all – our smooth and elegant scent is sprinkled with soft tropical floral notes and a touch of oceanic salt. Picture jasmine, sweet cream, and tonka bean gracefully dancing together, adding a calming touch to this aromatic symphony. 

This candle is not just a fragrance; it's a journey to a tropical paradise, a citrus and floral fusion that elevates your space with a touch of sophistication. Get ready to unwind in style!

Size: 9oz

Ingredients: 100% U.S. grown soybean wax, cotton core wicks, USA-made glass and lids, essential oil-infused fragrance oils.

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Women Owned - Organic - Small Batch

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