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Giften Market

Bergamot & Thyme After-Shave Balm

Personal Care

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Pré de Provence Natural, Repairing, Shea Butter Enriched Men's Bergamot & Thyme After Shave Balm. Shea Butter is the ultimate treatment for dry skin.

Shea Butter is the best-known natural skin moisturizer you can use. It is nourishing, soothing, and healing while protecting the skin from the elements. It provides natural protection from the UV rays that cause sunburn.

It can be used all over on the face and body; nose, hair, lips, toes - anywhere that needs moisturizing.

    Size: 75ml


    Created from the finest of natural ingredients, Pré de Provence products are meticulously fashioned in Provence by French artisans following traditions established generations ago. We find our inspiration here, where fields of lavender, wild flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables, and the fresh sea air abound. Extreme pride and care is the foundation for everything we create, upholding the quality, artistry and authenticity demanded of products "Made in France". Nature casts a magical spell on this haven in southern France, nestled between sky-reaching mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. The skies shine blue, endless mineral-rich waters sparkle, and verdant meadows abound with fragrant treasures of lavender, wildflowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Just breathing the wonderful scents in the air brings peace and tranquility. It is these fragrances we infused into our products so that you may experience this Magic of Provence.