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Studio Nordhaven

CHO table lamp


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CHO lamps are the result of a study on shapes that appear when adding pressure to an oval piece of paper. A sheet with two curved pressings, gently wedged into a slim metal frame. As a wing catch carrying itself resiliently between two pylons. Here it unfolds into a poetic shade that spurs on creative interpretation of the beholder and changes at the point of view.

Cho means butterfly in Japanese which is how the shape speaks to the designers. The lightness of the shade meeting the solidity of the steel base, white meeting black.

The lamp comes in two sizes. The large version with the long legs is ideal as a floor lamp, slightly offset from the wall, while the little one is intended as a table lamp for the windowsill, dresser or desk. With its semi-matte translucent shade, CHO provides a diffused and calm light, and its sculptural silhouette appears elegant and glorious in the room.

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