Princess Idul
Princess Idul


Princess (Cess) Idul


Product Designer


Creative Designer, UX and Graphic

Princess "Cess" Idul is a vibrant and multifaceted Product Designer at PerkUp, where she has been contributing her creative talents since November 2022. Based in Ontario, Canada, Cess's role at PerkUp allows her to utilize her extensive skills in UX, Digital Product Design, and Graphic Design, honed through varied experiences including a stint as a Graphic Designer from May to November 2022, and ongoing freelance work since September 2020.

Cess is a creative powerhouse with a deep passion for crafting user-centric solutions. Her keen eye for detail and a relentless pursuit of exceptional experiences enable her to resonate strongly with diverse audiences. Her educational background is as eclectic as her professional pursuits, with a degree in Graphic Design and Creative Industries from Conestoga College, and earlier studies in Architecture and Engineering at the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines.

Beyond her professional realm, Cess is an avid art and design enthusiast, constantly seeking inspiration from a myriad of creative sources. Her love for music and pop culture fuels her designs, infusing them with fresh and cool vibes. Puzzles are another passion of hers, reflecting her love for patterns and problem-solving.

Cess is not just a designer but a connector, always eager to collaborate on exciting projects that blend creativity with technology. She is enthusiastic about discussing the latest design trends and pop culture phenomena, reflecting her desire to constantly evolve and innovate in the creative community. Her invitation to connect and embark on a journey of endless creativity is a testament to her dynamic and inspiring approach to design and life. 🎨🎢✨


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